11 September, 2023
Butcher Shop Hong Kong, Online Meat Delivery: Bones & Blades
Butcher Shop Hong Kong, Online Meat Delivery: Bones & Blades
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Top Butcher Shops In Hong Kong

11 September, 2023
Butcher Shop Hong Kong, Online Meat Delivery: Bones & Blades

From Feather & Bone to Steak King, Artisan Butcher and more, these butcher shops in Hong Kong are a cut above the rest!

Wondering where to source the juiciest sirloin for your at-home steak night? Or perhaps you want to know where to buy the best burger patties and sausages in Hong Kong for your next beach barbecue? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve searched high and low for the best butcher shops in town where you can find top-quality, fresh and hormone-free meat for your next slap up feast. From Feather & Bone to Steak King, Bones & Blades and more, keep scrolling for your guide to the best butcher shops in Hong Kong…

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Best Butcher Shops Hong Kong: Feather & Bone

Feather & Bone – High-quality hormone-free, free-range and halal meats

One of the best-loved butchers in Hong Kong, Feather & Bone is hard to beat when it comes to quality and sheer choice. The brand imports quality hormone-free, free-range and halal meats from Australia and other parts of the world. From premium options like Wagyu rib-eye to a wide selection of lamb, pork, poultry and seafood, you can shop it all online (first-time shoppers can enjoy a one-time $100 off!) or at one of the nine physical shop locations across the city. Feather & Bone also delivers ready-to-eat “Roasts at Home” for an easy supper, BBQ packs, and gift hampers.

Sassy Tip: Be sure to ask about the dry-ageing service, which is offered for free if you purchase a large piece of premium beef.

Feather & Bone, various locations across Hong Kong, WhatsApp: 6313 0513, Facebook: Feather & Bone, Instagram: @feathernbonehk, featherandbone.com.hk 

Artisan Butcher – Prime cuts and imported cured meats

This friendly neighbourhood butcher shop is a reliable source for prime cuts of beef, pork and lamb, alongside imported cured meats. We’re always impressed by the knowledge of the staff here — if you’re shopping in person, ask the team for cooking and pairing tips to get the most out of your meat!

Artisan Butcher, Shop 3, Golden Phoenix Court, 1-2 St Stephen’s Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, 6360 3670, www.facebook.com/artisanbutcherhk

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Butcher Shop Hong Kong, Online Meat Delivery: Bones & Blades

Bones & Blades – Conscious local butcher and deli

The go-to butcher in Hong Kong for “conscious carnivores”, Bones & Blades prides itself on embracing sustainable farming and ethical production. It only stocks premium quality meats of grass-fed animals, imported from some of the best family-owned farms around the world.

Bones & Blades, various locations across Hong Kong, www.bonesandblades.com

The Butchers Club – Dry-aged beef, BBQ packs and vegan options

Did you know that burger joint The Butchers Club has its very own online butcher’s shop (the restaurant in fact started out as a butchery all the way back in 2013!)? The Butchers Club dry-ages each cut of beef at its own facility for different time periods, to highlight the unique flavours of each steak. It also stocks poultry, seafood and even plant-based alternatives.

The Butchers Club, store.thebutchers.club

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Butcher Shop Hong Kong, Online Meat Delivery: Steak King (Argyle Butcher)

Steak King (formerly Argyle Butchers) – Affordable and quality meat cuts

Steak King Market (formerly known as Argyle Butchers) is spoiling us with its selection of affordable, quality meat. This wholesale butchery pick sources the finest cuts directly from Australia, flying it to Hong Kong on a weekly basis. Don’t sleep on the seafood selection, which comes from sustainable fisheries in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Steak King Market, various locations across Hong Kong, steak-king.com

Farmer’s Market – Online butcher for restaurant-quality meat and seafood

Convenience abounds with this trusted online butcher. Not only does Farmer’s Market have a reputation for delivering restaurant-quality meat and seafood straight to your door but you can rest assured that all of its produce is 100 percent traceable, and hormone and antibiotic-free.

Farmer’s Market, 9556 0070www.farmersmarket.com.hk

Butcher Shop Hong Kong, Online Meat Delivery: Biltong Chief

Biltong Chief – Meat and deli products from South Africa

Don’t be fooled by the name — the boys at Biltong Chief have all your butchery needs covered, not just biltong! This online butcher and deli specialises in meaty selections from South Africa, including Tomahawk steaks, beef tenderloin, Wagyu burgers and lamb chops, along with wine and beer!

Biltong Chief, www.biltongchief.com

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meatmarket.hk – Seasonal meat and quality produce

With a constantly updated range of seasonal meat, seafood, vegetables and value-added products, grocery shopping is a breeze at meatmarket.hk. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Pop over a special request and the team will have you sorted in no time. Both same-day delivery and next-day delivery are available — convenience, check!

meatmarket.hk, WhatsApp: 2882 6398www.meatmarket.com.hk

Butcher Shop Hong Kong, Online Meat Delivery: Eat The Kiwi

Eat The Kiwi – High-quality, sustainably sourced meat

Award-winning online New Zealand grocer Eat The Kiwi will have you spoilt for choice with a wide selection of free-range organic chicken, Wagyu grass-fed beef, 100 percent natural marbled lamb and more. Best of all, Eat The Kiwi works directly with producers, cutting out the middleman so you get a great deal.

Eat The Kiwi, store.eatthekiwi.com

More Butcher Shops And Online Meat Delivery In Hong Kong

  • Aussie Meat – BBQ meat packs, hormone-free poultry and more. www.aussiemeat.hk
  • Pacific Gourmet – Online butcher selling Australian and Norwegian meats and seafood. www.pacificgourmet.com.hk
  • Chef’s Market – Convenient stop for fresh cut meats and deli products in Central Market. www.chefs-market.com.hk
  • My Meat Man – Quality fresh and frozen meat and seafood. mymeatman.com
  • Henry – High-end butcher within Rosewood Hong Kong. www.rosewoodhkshop.com
  • BUTCHER.HK – Premium frozen and chilled meat in cartons at the best prices. butcher.hk
  • Wet Markets – The meat available here is of course guaranteed to be both local and fresh, coming in at reasonable prices.

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