12 May, 2023
w hong kong bliss spa couples suite
w hong kong bliss spa couples suite

Sassy Tried & Tested: Bliss Spa At W Hong Kong

12 May, 2023
w hong kong bliss spa couples suite scoop

There’s no shortage of spas in the city, so what makes Bliss Spa stand out? Team Sassy put it to the test!

Anytime you step into an elevator and press a button to whisk you up 72 floors, you know you’re in for a treat! And so, as tough as it sounds, that’s how this Sassy editor found herself enjoying some time out from an extraordinarily busy week for an afternoon of self-indulgence.

w hong kong bliss spa vitality pool

Arrive At W Hong Kong Early To Unwind

One of the best things about booking a treatment at W Hong Kong is making a proper spa experience out of your day. Make sure you arrive 45 minutes to an hour early to fully make use of all the Bliss Spa facilities on offer. Take a dip in the recently reopened WET® Deck or vitality pool with its spectacular views over Victoria Harbour and relax in the aroma steam room and Himalayan salt stone sauna.

w hong kong bliss spa jacuzzi

Spa Couples Suite At Bliss Spa

After a quick questionnaire, I was ushered off to begin my spa day in the ultra-luxe couples spa suite. It’s fair to say this was a bit of a pinch-me moment. As I walked in, the scent of lemongrass, reminded me of tropical vacations and immediately put me into relaxation mode. Overlooking the urban jungle below, the private jacuzzi was piping hot and bubbling, all set for me to forget the stresses of the day. After what seemed like five minutes (but was actually half an hour!) the knock on the door came to signal it was time to start.

w hong kong bliss spa massage table

Massage And Body Scrub Treatments At Bliss Spa

I was treated to a body scrub followed by a full-body massage. I’d opted for gentle to medium pressure with relaxation as the goal, with the therapist kindly checking in regularly.

Turns out I’d been a bit more stressed than I thought, with the therapist expertly finding the exact point in my shoulder blade where I hold my tension. Intuitively knowing that she was causing some discomfort, she made sure to ask if everything was ok. While offering to back off if needed, she also reassured me that by gently working out those knots, I’d feel better in the long run. Spoiler alert — she was right.

Another nice touch was the paraffin foot treatment. I’ve always had terrible circulation and can feel my fingers turning to ice even as I type this now. Nothing a hot cup of tea can’t fix, but when it’s tingly toes, it can be quite the distraction on the massage bed. This part of the treatment was like a warm foot mask creating a cocoon from my ankles to my toes. Not only did I feel cosy, but my feet were left silky smooth.

A Gentle Reentry To The World

My two hours flew by way too quickly. Thankfully, my package also included a light lunch and a glass of Champagne in the relaxation room. Well needed because I certainly wasn’t ready to get back to the hustle and bustle of the real world! I took my time to kick back and flick through some magazines (research in case my boss asks why I was gone so long!). Any excuse to linger a little longer at Bliss.

w hong kong bliss spa massage body scrub

Final thoughts On W Hong Kong’s Bliss Spa

Bliss Spa was everything you’d expect from a high-end spa, with well-appointed treatment rooms and expert therapists. The price point is comparable to other five-star hotels but do your research and jump on the packages with lots of extra inclusions. Think experience vouchers, complimentary Champagne, swimming pool access and more. I can definitely see myself booking a spa day with girlfriends or a romantic couples treatment with my other half.

Bliss Spa, 72/F, W Hong Kong, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 3717 2797, Facebook: W Hong Kong, Instagram: @whongkongwww.whongkong-x.com

This article is in paid partnership with W Hong Kong. All opinions of the editor are genuine.

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